Tomasz Ciecierski   Painting
Prize of Jan Cybis for creative acquired possessions 1999

14.09. - 14.10.2001 - Kameralna Gallery

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bez tytulu, 2001, olej na plotnie, 170x160cm Chiara, 1999, olej na plotnie, 103x104cm Peach Sorbet, 2001, collage na plotnie, 136x133cm
Obraz alogiczny II, 1989, olej na plotnie, 160x236 bez tytulu, 2001, olej na plotnie + metal, 103x104cm Horyzont, 1992, olej na plotnie, 30x183cm
bez tytulu, 2001, olej na plotnie, 51x66,5cm bez tytulu, 2000, olej na plotnie, 51x66,5cm bez tytulu, 1999, olej na plotnie, 51x66,5cm
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The Painting of Tomasz Ciecierski. Immersed in Paintings as in Dreams. The works by Tomasz Ciecierski are an exception in Polish painting. They do not refer to martyrdom or stress the dramatic history of the place where they have been produced. They are not realistic, and even less so decorative reproductions of the surroundings or genre pieces in either light or heavy colors and forms. Nor can they be readily classified as abstract. Whether showing sketched running figures or, as today, symbolic landscapes, the painting has from the very start been filled with a conviction as to its own sovereignty, a sense of lightness, a love for open spaces an immense culture and knowledge of the tradition. Yet the longing for another reality, for the tone of this dun, sad and ugly world to become a beautiful, and attractive whole, has never before been as characteristic of the paintings of Tomasz Ciecierski as it today, in his recent works. From the moment of the artist's return from Tuscany to be exact in 1998 variations of pink and of violet hold indivisible reign in his works, setting the entire tone. The artist tests the two colors, difficult and untypical for painting, in a variety of ways. In over a dozen or smaller compositions of 1999-2000, made up of four rectangular stretchers joined together on an even plane, he leaves the whole of the bottom part of the painting to various combinations of pink and of violet. The two colors become each other's inseparable shadows. The remaining two top parts of the composition are filled with bright and intermingling blue, pink and white patches. The clash of those two levels - the lover one evenly coated with paint and the dynamic upper one - reverts to the artist's works of the late 1980s. It was then that symbolic landscape became his principal subject. Ciecierski treat landscape in an extraordinary manner. His landscapes are not servile copies of actual fragments of the reality. Within the space of his painting, the artist transforms the memories of real or imagined landscapes with fictitious seas, islands, mountains and skies. In recent as in the previous works he stets a well-marked horizon that separates the air, or perhaps the sky, from a surface that might conventionally be called earth or quiet sea. Yet paradoxically, due to their regularity and the simple and resolved divisions, the present works are more harmonious and peaceful than previous ones. In the bigger compositions, in turn, such as "Chiara" or "Luka" of 1999, pink and violet are interspersed with soft colors. Bright hues prevail, often applied straight from the tube. This is the case with "Celeste 414" of 1999, the title being the name of a blue paint. The nostalgic deep blue of Ciecierski's previous works, the vivid and contrasting connections of red and green or of glaring yellow and dark blue have now been soothed with white. New combinations of pink with brown or of white with yellow and blue have emerged. Black slowly recedes from the canvas; if at all, it is only present as a shadow of violet. The horizon loses its importance: it grows misty and blurred, as if blown away by an invisible light breeze running across the canvas. The paints is applied in thin and thrifty coats. Combined with the bright and soft palette, its delicate texture gives Ciecierski's new works a singular light. Like never before, they glimmer and vibrate with their inner shine. The construction of both the small and the big works has been simplified. Many layers of stretchers mounted on one another are no longer necessary. The even surface of canvas is sufficient, with tiny insertions added to the bigger compositions. Despite this clarity and thriftiness, what emerges are extremely spatial works. Owing to their exceptional transparency, we have the impression that what we see is actually but a fragment of bigger landscape, the existence of which we suspect beyond the rectangle of the canvas. The newest works by Ciecierski exist not only within the canvas but also outside their frames. Once again, the painting of Tomasz Ciecierski takes us on a journey, certainly a longer one that just a trip into beautiful boundless space and harmonious landscape. The perfection of the recent works enraptures the viewer altogether; immersed in that painting and in the dreams of beauty, we impatiently and longingly wait for new works to come.

Joanna Kiliszek
Text from executioner "Ciecierski Malarstwo/Painting", ZPAP, W-wa 2000

Tomasz Ciecierski was born in Cracow in 1945. In 1971 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. 1972-1986 lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Lives and works in Warsaw.

Select solo exhibitions:
1977 Gallery Zapiecek, Warsaw
1978 Gallery Of critics, Warsaw(& Wlodzimierz J. Zakrzewski)
1980 Jack Visser Galleries, Amsterdam
1981 Gallery Of critics, Warsaw(amp;& Wlodzimierz J. Zakrzewski); Gallery MDM, Warsaw
1984 Watering Galleries, Amsterdam
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1988 Gallery Foksal, Warsaw; Watering Galleries, Amsterdam
1990 Museum Arts, Lodz
1991 Galleries!!!!! Arenes, Carre d' Art, Musee d' Art; Contemporain, Nimes
1992 Galleries Hans Strelow, Dusseldorf; Gallery Foksal, Warsaw; Watering Galleries, Amsterdam; Gallery Appendix, Warsaw( & Jacek Sempolinski)
1993 municipat Gallery Arsenal, Poznan; Gallery BWA Arsenal, Bialystok; Gallery Hans Strelow, Dusseldorf
1994 Gallery Encouragement, Warsaw; Watering Galleries, Amsterdam
1995 Galleries Path, Aalst
1996 Museum Gornośląskie, To existences
1998 Gallery Arsenal, Bialystok
2000 Gallery DAP Warsaw( Prize of Jan Cybis for creative acquired possessions 1999); Gallery Museum Artists Maszy Potockiej, Cracow; Watering Galleries, Amsterdam
2001 Institute Arts, Moscow, Russia(& J. Modzelewski); Gallery PLANE-TREE, Polands Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Select collective exhibitions:
1977 Gallery Encouragement( CBWA), Warsaw
1980 Invisible virgin, Gallery Studio, Warsaw(& Lukasz Korolkiewicz, Andrzej Bienkowski)
1981 "Garden recognitions", Gallery MDM, Warsaw
1982 XlVe Festival lnternational de la Peinture 1982, Cagnes-sur-Mer
1983 "By {through} visible to invisible", church Of visiting NMR Warsaw;" Metaphor", Museum Bochum
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